26th - 27th September 2017
Krakow, Poland

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Defence Communications

Joint Communications Information Systems (CIS) have become a key weapon in modern operations, with the ability to effectively communicate, share data and orders amongst global partners imperative to mission success. The reliance on CIS coupled with the evolving landscape of telecommunications means that inbuilt naval systems, deployable network infrastructure for land forces and aviation communications continue to be at the forefront of military investment.

The level of modernisation in telecommunications has completely reinvented communication procedures in modern warfare where battles can be won or lost depending on who has the most secure, sophisticated and specialist infrastructure. It is for these reasons that research in radio spectrum management, bandwidth multiplication and joint service CIS system integration are high on MoD agendas.

Defence Communications 2016 offers a platform for senior military operators, expert researchers and capability directors from leading defence agencies to meet with a host of solution providers from leading companies to assist in shaping the future of defence communications.

Key Focus Areas:

  • Exploiting telecommunication in future warfighting
  • Integrating the latest technology in platform development
  • Deployable communication infrastructure
  • Tri - service compatibility
  • Modernising legacy systems
  • Maximising network availability
  • Optimising satellite technology